Like a desire to eat with you !

For our mediterranean mother

In the Cannatella Family I ask … the sea. After the urban center and its Carre d’Or, after the Old Nice and the Cours Saleya, the Brothers have sought a new challenge at the height of their ambitions of entrepreneurship and their culinary passion. Being close to the sea was not enough, you had to face it. The challenge was again daring: open a third restaurant a few meters from La Voglia and La Favola … and bet on the dreams of the light of Philippe Cannatella.

Capture the light and look at the sea

“Nice, you eat outdoors. It is with this idea in mind that Philippe initiates the project of a new restaurant … Problem: this little piece of wharf on the Quai des Etat Unis has no traffic. A virtually zero passage next to the excitement of the rue Saint-François de Paule or Cours Saleya, a few meters behind it. At no time did Philippe or Serge expect to be full with this new brand … And yet, the kitchen boldy smiles. The entrepreneurs imagine a terrace in the sun. A huge terrace – we are talking about a hundred seats – with a sea view. On Sunday afternoon, the Di Più has even become the meeting place for Nicois families. Gradually, a waltz begins to emerge between the clientele of the three restaurants of the group, until becoming the dance that we know today.

A young, modern and trendy restaurant

But how has Di Più become one of the flagship restaurants of the Cannatella fleet? Serge and Philippe created a young and modern atmosphere. The marble tables and leather chairs contrast with the flashy colors of a Warhol-style Botticelli as wallpaper. One would expect to see Venus take a selfie after his birth.

With its arched arcades, its white facade like a Cycladic villa, its wide windows and its high ceiling, the Italian restaurant is a haven of architecture. Indoors, everything is designed to welcome the light of the Côte d’Azur and offer an incomparable view of the hill of the chateau and the Baie des Anges. While they thought the location was an eccentric and isolated passage, the Di Più became at noon the meeting place of the employees of the Prom ‘, the Port and the Old Nice. We are all drawn to the sea, which who could not look at it for hours when it’s planted right in front of it?

Burgers, meats & pan-bagnats: Di Più increases its men

A young clientele quickly followed the movement and made Di Più a new headquarters. But can we really offer traditional cuisine to those who push against tradition? For the Cannatella Brothers, the answer was clear: Nice has changed, the group will change with it. With three restaurants stuck together, Di Più has to innovate. The menu increases and follows the latest culinary trends: fashion is burgers and meat. In addition to its usual recipes, Di Più offers roasted chicken, burgers and even a truffle pizza.

The spirit of Gino is not forgotten: sandwich or not, everything is dressed on the plate with the rigor of a gastronome and the madness of a Neapolitan. The bet works, de novo, and pleases the clientele. With this fifth restaurant, Philippe and Serge do not give up the family spirit and invite their cousin, Jérôme Quilichini, to join the adventure. This desire to do well and to learn from best practices will lead the three of them even closer to the sea … But that’s another story.