Italian restaurant with a view of the sea
the promenade des anglais, pasta and fish

Your culinary fortress with a canopy overlooking the sea

Discover the Di Più

The “Di Più”?

It’s the “one more” thing. It’s the “je-ne-sais-quoi”. This impression of déjà-vu while you look at the Mediterranean for the first time. It is the restaurant that enlarges our family … and the place where clients always come back to look for more. “More” of what? Come see us, we’ll show you.

How to find us?

Leave the city center, lose yourself in Old Nice, lift your nose to the sky and … smell the spray. Follow the salt and the sea air.

Our restaurant opens to the Promenade des Anglais and faces the Mediterranean Sea, just behind Cours Saleya. What more can be said ? We are superbly well located.

How is it inside?

The good question would be rather “How’s it outside?”, because our terrace of more than a hundred seats does not go unnoticed … The interior is clear, white walls like facades on the side of Cyclades, opened by very large windows. All our decor is oriented on the light. Try one of our tables upstairs and you’ll have one of the most beautiful views of Nice overlooking the sea. No street, zero car: just a gradient of blue like no other.

A menu to devour

A scaled sea bass that lives in the open sea? A fish cooked with au jus? They are crazy these Italians…

Di Piu presents…
wild sea bass

Our fetish products

Main plate: pasta with clams

The power of clams contrasts with the finesse of the spaghetti. So that’s the famous “alle vongole” pasta from Neapolitan cuisine? The smell that emerges is unsettling, as tis he shape of the plate, contoured and hollow. We smell the sea, but the aromatics mingle and take me elsewhere. My bowl is already empty, can I get another bite?

#Sea #Food #AndSun #ClamLike

For dessert: crème caramel

I ordered a dessert or a dish? The plate is big – even giant. And I’m not talking about the size of the cream! It looks like a sugar castle with caramel moats. The head waiter warned me, it’s a homemade dessert to share, and I did not listen. After the first bite, the vanilla grips me. How to stop yourself from finishing?

#TourCaramel #VanillaLove #ForTwo #Homemade

You haven’t finished your plate ? Don’t worry, play the american and ask for a takeaway !

Le galet magazine

The le galet magazine, do you know it? It is our bi-annual media in which we share our view of the city and its inhabitants. We give the floor to the Nicois, but we also take a look at the Nice that opens up to the world. The Riviera in all its states.

The Promenade des Anglais, the hill of the Chateau, the heights of Cimiez … (re)discover the landmarks of Nice under the pen of our seasonal investigators! And go fishing with unusual info: how many palm trees in Nice? Pebbles on the beaches? How many children are born on the Prom?

Oh yes, and our magazine – in addition to being trendy and thick like a Neapolitan pizza crust – is completely free. So why haven’t you taken it yet?

Events Di Piu

Become the owner for a night, what do you say? Weddings, birthdays, business seminars or conferences … The Di Più puts its enchanting setting at your disposal: its immense terrace, its bright interior and its Mediterranean sea. The sea is not really ours, but upstairs we have one of the most beautiful views of it to admire. The group Cannatella only asks of you one thing: do not forbid yourself of anything. We give you the keys to the house and accompany you at every step of the organization.

Tested and approved !

“We privatized Di Più for the first time this winter. The client took the entire restaurant to offer a large buffet with bar to his guests. On each floor! Lounge music, cocktail parties, a car that drops off and takes guests back to their hotel … Is that the dolce vita?”

By Laura, the privileged coordinator of your private events.

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